The Diamond Approach for Therapists

Workshops exploring what Will is, the ‘I will’ & the “I will not” & so much more. To understand our personal history & relationship to Will.

The Diamond Approach is a contemporary Western spiritual teaching which draws on the insights of depth psychology and the knowledge of many ancient spiritual teachings for the purpose of self- realisation. Its founder is Hameed Ali, who writes under the pen name A. H. Almaas. He has authored some eighteen books such as The Void, The Pearl Without Price, and The Point of Existence. These cover various aspects of what he and others have found in the journey of self-realisation. Blending spirituality with modern psychological understanding. He expands upon object relations theories, depth psychology and Kohut’s work on Narcissism.

I myself can recommend the Diamond Approach as “probably the most balanced of the widely available spiritual psychologies/ therapies.

Ken Wilber

The Diamond Approach invites each person to get in touch with their own inner guidance, allowing them to discover and fulfil their own potential in their ow time and way. Teachings include presentations as well as experiential exercises done by participants. The Central practice of Diamond Inquiry (™) is supported by diasomatic work that includes breath and movement. So in time each person’s experience will become increasingly informed by the innate qualities of Being, such as love, joy, strength, will, compassion, and peace.

Diamond Approach helps us penetrate through the personality structure. We use psychological understanding to help understand the twists and turns of the ego structure.

Sandra Maitri, Diamond

With a new group (DHUK) beginning to meet in London, there is now the opportunity to experience the teachings firsthand. You are welcome to attend up to two weekend teachings to find out if the Diamond Approach is for you. If it is then we will ask you to undertake the process to join DHUK.

The beginning teachings that are being offered to the group cover the qualities of strength, joy, will, compassion and peace. These provide the primary support for our personal journey. Also, at this stage the importance of understanding and defending against the inner critic will be looked at and worked with.

I am in no doubt that the DA has impacted how I work. Having the ability to be present & provide a holding environment that is greater than, & goes beyond the core conditions taught. It has also provided new perspectives & understanding on topics such as anger, hate, love, wanting, power, will and emptiness.

Psychotherapist & Supervisor & UK Diamond Approach Student

The workshops in October, December and January will explore our commitment to and steadfastness in being. Through working with the quality of Will, we will explore the issues that obstruct our immediate contact to the support and solidity of being. We will examine experientially our relationship to anxiety, lack of confidence, and inner insecurity.

CPD Hours: 12 hours (Dec); 15 hours (each for Oct & Jan)

Dates: 8 – 10 October (Fri 1830-2130; Sat & Sun 1000-1300 & 1430-1730), 18 – 19 December (Sat&Sun 1000-1300 & 1430-1730), 21 – 23 January 2021 (Times as for October workshop)

Cost: Oct & Jan Workshops £220 each, Dec workshop £175. These are the standard rates a sliding scale is available.

Location: Currently online. Will be in person when possible.

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