Purely Practice

True practice means letting ourselves explore what is happening in the moment
A.H. Almaas

A DIAMOND APPROACH® INTRODUCTORY RETREAT with Gail Aylward, Geoff Caird and Tejo Jourdan

Each spiritual path has its own unique teachings, yet the teachings only come alive and transform the individual consciousness through the specific practices of that path. In these 4 days we will unfold, dissect and apply the 3 main practices of the Diamond Approach™. We will have a chance for in depth practice, time to examine our relationship to practice, and explore the various barriers, difficulties, and fruits of in depth practices on our inner process.

The 3 main practices of the Diamond Approach® we will explore.

Meditation – the practice of disidentification with content of our consciousness, the development of the belly center and essential Will through specific meditation practice.

Sensing – the practice of sensing, looking and listening and conscious movement, that can develop our embodiment and experience of essence.

Inquiry – the art and practice of open ended inquiry which penetrates and illuminates our consciousness, bringing about experience, understanding and insight to the nature of our consciousness.

The practice of meditation and sensing and Diamond Inquiry® bring about a powerful deep transformation in our consciousness.

This retreat will be a support for experienced students of the DA® and a deep introduction for new students to the power of the Diamond approach to inner realisation.

Date: June 13th 2024 – June 17th 2024

Location : West Cork, Ireland

Venue: Heir island Retreat Centre

Full Cost: 795 euros (residential) or 495 euros (non residential)

For further information and to register contact Geoff at geoffcaird@gmail.com