Pink Essence: The Awakened Heart


Personal love is a unique love, it is your personal Love, it is one of the ways our true nature expresses itself as a person of Being. Love that is personal is needed in life and on the path to the realisation of our Essential nature. This love is basically the magnetism between our soul and its Beloved, which reveals itself as a sweet pleasurable liking and appreciation of our deepest nature. The personal love essence, or what we call the Pink essence, is a quality of our nature, part of our birthright to know and realise, yet often buried or hidden under all kinds of obscurations and veils of our personality.

When our love of truth becomes personal it brings truth home to us in a way that it doesn’t before it becomes personal. It can stay abstract and transcendental, but when it becomes personal and really becomes our own personal love of truth regardless of anything else, it adds a whole level of power and juice to our inquiry, to our journey, to our process.

We can love truth for its own sake, and then we can personally love truth in a personal way for its own sake. And the thing about the personal is that it brings in the personal heart. It brings in that this is about me personally so there is deepening in our journey, a deepening around the pains, a deepening around the difficulties but also a filling out and a fullness of the qualities that arise because they are arising on the level of the personal which is the level of the Pearl, completing something about us as a human being.

Hameed Ali – AH Almaas, founder of the Diamond Approach®

Over 3 weekends, we will present teachings of the Diamond Approach® on this quality. Through the practice of being present in the immediacy of our experience, and exploring and opening up via Diamond Inquiry™, we can see and understand more about how we came to have the beliefs, ideas, and convictions in our personality. We can see that these are barriers to direct and immediate knowing, expressing and allowing of this quality to infuse our personal life, our love of truth, and our view of reality as a whole.

Weekend Dates (Times to be confirmed)

July: 14th 1830-2130; 15th & 16th 0930-1230 & 1400-1700

October: 20th 1830-2130; 21st & 22nd 0930-1230 & 1400-1700

December: 16th & 17th 0930-1230 & 1400-1700 on Zoom

Venue: St Luke’s Community Centre, London EC1V 8AJ

Cost Per In-Person Weekend: Standard £230; Lower fee £190; Supporter fee £275

Cost for December Zoom Weekend: Standard £185; Lower fee £160; Supporter fee £220

To find out more: Email