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Upcoming Diamond Heart UK Zoom Weekends Alive Soul

The Diamond Approach® is a contemporary Western spiritual teaching that integrates the insights of depth psychology with knowledge of the many aspects and dimensions of being that are our true inner nature.

A new London-based Diamond Approach Group is forming and its retreat weekends are currently open to anyone who’d like to participate.

Our nature at its depth is alive, strong and expanded. Our spirit is fiery and courageous. But many of us are disconnected from these qualities of our
being. Faced with inner and outer challenges, we often feel weak, small, inadequate, as though we’re just not up to it. In our next three weekends, in
December, January and March, we’ll explore what stands in the way of this inner fire. We’ll introduce experiential exercises that focus on the specific
barriers to our aliveness, such as our relationship to aggression and the oppressive force of the inner critic.

Upcoming Dates | 19 – 20 December 2020, 22 – 24 January 2021, 13 – 14 March 2021

Cost | December & March £175, January £220 standard – sliding scale

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