In 2023 we will be meeting live for 4 weekends and have 3 on Zoom. We have a new venue in South Islington.  Starting Friday April 14 – Sunday April 16th, the regular in person weekends will be at: St Luke’s Community Centre, 90 Central Street, South Islington, London EC1V 8AJ

If you are a new member you can register for these weekends here:

If you are an existing member you can register on the Diamond approach portal.

DHUK 2023 Calendar

Some adjustments are still possible.

Regular in person weekendFriday 3 Feb 20236:30pmSunday 5 Feb 20235:30pmIn-Person in Clapham*
Weekend (no Friday)Saturday 18 Mar 202310amSunday 19 Mar 20235:30pmZoom
In-Person weekend *This date may change stillFriday 14 Apr 20236:30pmSunday 16 Apr 20235:30pmIn-person
Weekend (no Friday)Saturday 24 Jun 202310amSunday 25 Jun 20235:30pmZoom
Regular in person weekendFriday 14 Jul 20236:30pmSunday 16 Jul 20235:30pmIn-person
Regular in person WeekendFriday 20 Oct 20236:30pmSunday 22 Oct 20235:30pmIn-Person
Weekend (no Friday)Saturday 16 Dec 202310amSunday 17 Dec 20235:30pmZoom

Warm wishes,

Tejo Jourdan, Dominic Liber and Lisa Barret

Diamond Heart UK