Essential Space

Openness is the specific state that results in the individual consciousness (or Soul) when essential space arises.

A series of 3 weekends open to all.

This openness is not an attitude based on ideas or beliefs. It is a state of being, of inner spaciousness, which we arrive at  by letting go of a self image that defines who we takes ourself to be. When we see  through a self image to the extent that it no longer defines us in anyway and we don’t leap to define ourself again with another self image we naturally arrive at a wonderful state of freedom, unencumbered by the heavy rigid ego structure that generally defines our experience of ourself. We feel un- patterned and experience ourself as a clear luminous spaciousness, immaculate and light hearted. We are lightness formless openness, open to all the potential of our true nature.

Over three weekends through the practice of being present in the immediacy of our experience, and exploring and opening up via Diamond Inquiry™.  We will present teachings of the Diamond Approach ® on this quality of Essential Space.  Exploring our self images and how clinging to and believing in them, structures our consciousness and denies our us the openness and freedom that is our true nature.

Weekend Dates 2024 (Times to be confirmed)

Feb: 16th 1830-2130; 17th & 18th 0930-1230 & 1400-1700 (In-Person)

April: 5th 1830-2130; 6th  & 7th 0930-1230 & 1400-1700 (Zoom)

June: 28th 1830-2130; 29th & 30th  0930-1230 & 1400-1700 (In-Person)

Venue: St Luke’s Community Centre, London, EC1V 8AJ

Cost Per In-Person Weekend : Standard – £250; Lower fee – £190; Supporter fee – £310

Cost Zoom Weekend:  Standard – £230; Lower Fee – £170;  Supporter fee £290

To find out more: Email