Day of Practice

SATURDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER 2021 from 10AM TO 5:30PM

Open to students of DHUK & people interested in joining DHUK

The way any spiritual path is travelled is through its practices, which bring the teachings to life in and as you. Without the practices, the teachings can bring little transformation.

At the beginning of engaging any path or work, we discover that practice means the formal practice sessions. You are reciting dhikr or chanting or meditating or praying or inquiring, and those are the times of practice; but as the practice matures, you begin to recognize that practice is a way of life—it is the way you live your life. Practice is our being living its life and working out its dynamics. Practice is Being itself unfolding and revealing its possibilities through its own dynamism. This understanding of practice is beyond our mind, and beyond the influence of our mind. – AH Almaas

This will be an opportunity for you to immerse in our three main practices: meditation, sensing, and open inquiry. We will practice in a supportive field, allow time for questions about the practices, and we will also explore our relationship to practice as a way of life.

Date: Saturday, 4 September 2021

Time: 10 am to 5:30 pm UK time

Teachers: Tejo Jourdan and Zarina Maiwandi

Registration: None.

To join the practice day click this link:

Cost: None

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