COVID-19 Programme Changes

With the current COVID-19 restrictions all our weekends will be online until it is safe to meet in person.

Our key guiding principle in this decision is that we do not want to contribute in any way to the spread of the virus, so we do not want any of our teaching situations to become occasions for possible infection.

While not ideal, video conferencing has worked well enough for all our meeting formats across the world and in the UK.

Of course, there is no substitute for in-person interaction for our work, and it is our intention to return to this format as soon as it is prudent.

We understand that this format is a struggle for some students, but overall most have been grateful for the way it has enabled us to continue the teaching in the midst of this difficult time.

Also, due to the many challenges we are all facing because of the pandemic, we have loosened some of the requirements around joining the group.  Please see “Application process” for further details.

Each weekend teaching builds on the previous weekend, so we recommend that students attend as much as they can to get the complete teaching. However, we understand that the time commitment and financial requirements may pose special difficulties during these uncertain times.

Given this, we are asking that students who wish to participate in this group attend weekends as much as they are able to at this time. Although we are not requiring a firm commitment, we do ask those of you who find the teachings beneficial and feel like this teaching is a fit for you to come as much as is possible to the weekends or request a copy of the recordings of weekends you miss.

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